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Medjugorje WebSite Updates by month April, 2005

Added April 5, 2005 /  Section: Medjugorje - Category: Section Documents
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From the beginning of Medjugorje apparitions in June 1981, Medjugorje (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an Ex-Yugoslavia country in south Europe, see map) became an important place of pilgrimage and encouragement for faith and spiritual life for millions of people and thousands prayer groups. Many people experienced God's grace and presence in their hearts on this place and often receive motivation to lead a better, more valuable life. A life with love and opened heart for God and people, life of prayer and communion with God. Prayers, changed lives and humanitarian activities and projects influenced or inspired by Medjugorje without doubt help make this world a better place. Maybe more, than we would expect.

Added April 5, 2005 /  Section: Medjugorje - Category: Section Documents
Added April 6, 2005 , 6:32 PM /  Section: About Medjugorje WebSite - Category: Section Documents

Beside of basic possibilities, that websites with Medjugorje Messages commonly offers, such as displaying latest messages, page with all messages suitable for printing and pages with annual messages and a separate page with available reflections, Medjugorje website offers following features:

Added April 6, 2005 , 6:33 PM /  Section: About Medjugorje WebSite - Category: Section Documents


From its beginning in June 1981 up to now, Apparitions in Medjugorje has attracted attention of millions of people in the world. Medjugorje had become a place of important source of spiritual encouragement for many of them, including, but not limited to pilgrims that visited this place.

Added April 8, 2005 , 8:08 AM /  Section: About Medjugorje WebSite - Category: Section Documents

Every day on this website, a Quote of the day appears. All the quotes are taken from the Medjugorje messages. When extracting quotes from the messages, either beautiful, important or unique parts were selected. There are many such parts, so we have everyday many quotes to choose from. The quotes changes every day after the midnight (Central European Time, which corresponds with time in Medjugorje as well) on a random basis. The quotes are displayed in your preferred language, which you will choose on the introductory page of this Medjugorje website or in the top navigation bar. The preferred language should be remembered, whenever you return to Medjugorje website. To display the whole message, from which the quote has been taken, click on the date of the message below the quote.

Added April 9, 2005 , 7:13 PM /  Section: About Medjugorje WebSite - Category: Section Documents / Author: Marek Gayer

In this short article, we outline some of the possible features when using fulltext search for Medjugorje Messages in Medjugorje website.

Added April 10, 2005 , 7:11 PM /  Section: About Medjugorje WebSite - Category: Section Documents
Added April 25, 2005 /  Section: Our Lady of Medjugorje Messages - Category: Monthly Messages / Author: Fra Ljubo Kurtović, OFM
Dear children ! Also today, I call you to renew prayer in your families. By prayer and the reading of Sacred Scripture, may the Holy Spirit, who will renew you, enter into your families. In this way, you will become teachers of the faith in your family. By prayer and your love, the world will set out on a better way and love will begin to rule in the world. Thank you for having responded to my call.


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