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Features for Medjugorje messages

Beside of basic possibilities, that websites with Medjugorje Messages commonly offers, such as displaying latest messages, page with all messages suitable for printing and pages with annual messages and a separate page with available reflections, Medjugorje website offers following features:

  • Display or print messages by separate years, starting from 1984. Thus, you can view all messages given e.g. in year 1995
  • Possibility to display messages grouped by months. You can also view messages given by selected month. Thus, you can view all messages given e.g. on Christmas time (month December) or during anniversary of apparitions (month June)
  • Possibility to display and print all single messages in separete popup windows, by clicking it's underlined date followed by new window symbol ([O])
  • Direct access to reflections, by Medjugorje priests Fr. Slavko Barbaric, Fr. Ljubo Kurtovic. Under monthly messages, you will find a "Message reflection" link to reflection (if it is available, because for not all messages reflection exists or was translated).
  • You can display and print messages on a random basis. On each page, you will find Random Messages Toolbar, where you can choose from 1 to 9 those messages
  • Medjugorje Messages text analysis tools: This allows us to select messages, which are concerned on various topics. It also brings possibilities and tools, that can easily help us to better understand, which topics in Messages are accentuated and often repeated and which appears there less.
  • Side by side comparison of translations. With this feature, you can for example display English translation, followed by Croatian original under each message, or French Translation followed by corresponding Italian version.
    You can use this for example to check accuracy of the translations, or enjoy the messages in it's original Croatian language version, and use your native language as a base for translation. This feature can be allowed by pressing Show Translation button on bottom of each page with messages
  • In each page of messages, including full text search, you can further focus on messages of your taste and display or print them separately. This can be achieved by using checkboxes left from the message date and Display Selected or Print Selected button in the bottom of each pages with messages
  • Special Text, PDA and WAP versions of pages for support of PDA devices, WAP devices (such as modern mobile phones) and browsers, that has limited Internet connectivity and screen size
  • For viewing the latest message, you do not have to click any links, because the latest message is always displayed at the introductory page of this website in your preferred language, that is remembered whenever you will return to this website.
  • Possibility of changing text size of messages in currently used browsers. This can be set in menu - View -> Text Size -> (Internet Explorer)
  • Hopefully, nice and attractive graphical and technical design of pages containing the Medjugorje messages

These possibilities are currently available in German, English, Spanish, Croatian, French, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Czech, Russian, Dutch and Latvian languages! Further languages will be added later, according to availability of translations of these messages.



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