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The letter from Elvis addressed to visionary Marija Pavlovic

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I have received an interesting letter addressed from Elvis to visionary Marija Pavlovic in Italian language, and I provide translation:

Dear webmaster,

I kindly ask you to deliver this message in Marija, because I could not find a direct contact to do it personally.

Thank you for your willingness

The letter from Elvis to Marija

Dear Marija,

My name is Elvis, I am an Italian boy, 30 years. I do not know what prompted me to write this letter because I have not planned it and I never even thought of doing so in the past, I simply turned on the computer, entered the site of Medjugorie and searched a way to contact you, as if a voice inside me was telling me to do so.

I ask you, because perhaps you can give me a response to a spiritual situation that surrounds me since childhood: I feel inside me something like a voice, which tells me that I could do something important for the world, which could be useful for people in any of way ... but this voice of conscience for me has become only a symptom of great confusion and now I am increasingly convinced of sin of presumption, that my perception is only the result of vast imagination that God has given me.

I want to understand what my role in the design of the Lord, because "Time" is near and I do not want to err on "Jobs" assigned.

Dear Marija, every day I hope it arrives soon Judgment on this world, it is not important if I am saved or judged as a sinner, I am interested only for those who deserve to have peace.

I do not know if the Mother of us all, with whom you talk, will know; I am not interested about the 10 secrets because I proved a lot of patience and wait as requested by our Mother ... what I want to know is if my perception is the result of God or the devil, to understand my role in the Divine Design.

Thanks you for your time, and God bless - you messengers and all living beings on Earth.


My reply to Elvis

Dear Elvis,

I would like to deliver your letter to Marija very much; however unfortunately, I have no contact (post address, e-mail, phone) for her. I only know that she lives near Milano. You can eventually try to contact the webmaster of the website (he is Italian). Maybe you could have more luck there in getting the contact for Marija.

I would like to help you if I could, I am feeling in some way similarly, I also feel I would like to help the world for several years, now I am 32.

I think that the concrete work for the world, which you feel you are called for, lies in something you are gifted and talented, or in something, you simply like to do. In these gifts and talents, could be the direction of your service, your effort.

If possible, try to find a person in Italy, such as a really wise priest, or somebody like a vocation director, with whom you could consult your feelings.

If I could help you in some way, let me know. I can for example post your letter in the Italian section as a visitor article, so that somebody could eventually reply you and advice you if you want.

I pray for you and I wish that you will find answer for your calling.

Best regards, Marek, webmaster

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  • Would you like to write something to Elvis?
  • Do you feel in some way similar like him?

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