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Medjugorje Website Updates by month February, 2007

February 19, 2007 , Originally published February 15, 2002 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Testimonies / Author: Sr. Emmanuel
Other languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Polski
Testimony Teresa Sicily

One of the guests at Vicka and Mario's wedding, Teresa from Sicily (62 years old) had this to share with us:

"I am the twelfth of 14 children. My father used to curse God and beat my mother and us children. We were often hungry and had to sleep 3 to a bed. When I was 9 years old, I received the call to become a nun, but my father would not allow it because he wanted me to work in order to help the family. Later I got married and became lukewarm in my faith. My husband didn’t believe much, but we went to Mass on Sundays."

February 19, 2007 , Originally published September 20, 1997 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Shepherds of Church, Medjugorje in the Catholic Church, Testimonies
Other languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Polski
Medjugorje Gift God

Soon after the apparitions of the Queen of Peace began at Medjugorje, it came to the attention of the public that the Diocesan and Franciscan priests of the Mostar diocese did not agree on all issues. This quarrel had in fact broken out over one hundred years beforehand, and sadly, still continues today. At a local level, this discrepancy would not have been intensified had Mostar not been an area of intersecting cultures, faiths and civilizations. At a world-wide level, it wouldn't have been so controversial had Our Lady not appeared in one of it's parishes! Undoubtedly this argument affects the stance of the local Church and the Church in the whole of Croatia as regards Our Lady's apparitions. It is important to mention here that in the initial months of the apparitions the local Bishop, Pavao Zanic believed in the authenticity of Our Lady's apparitions and due to reasons, known only to himself, he altered his stance. Wishing to protect Episcopal comradeship, the bishops of the Church of Croatia have refrained from making public statements. Many other Church dignitaries have followed their example. However there have also been some significant exceptions.

February 24, 2007 , Originally published February, 2004 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Visionaries, Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic, Interviews / Author: Sr. Emmanuel
Other languages: English, Deutsch, Italiano
Vicka Ivankovic Gods Will

The village is quiet during these winter months. For many pension owners and the visionaries, less pilgrims means more time spent with family around the wood-burning stove. This past month a woman from China stayed in Medjugorje, with my community. She mentioned that she thought it must be easy for the visionaries to discern what God wants of them. "When you see Our Lady every day", she said, "you know how to follow the right path. But for us, how are we to know the will of God in our lives and how can we be sure not to be mistaken?" I took a chance that Vicka would have some "winter time" to spend with us and would share some insights of hers. She welcomed my friend very kindly. Because she radiates such a heavenly joy and love, one may think she can give a magic recipe for peace! Well, she did draw a clear line to happiness, but indeed nothing magic!

February 25, 2007 /  Section: Our Lady of Medjugorje Messages - Category: Monthly Messages
Mahal Kong Mga Anak! Buksan ang inyong mga puso sa habag ng Diyos ngayong panahon ng Mahal na Araw. Hinahangad ng ating Ama sa Kalangitan na iligtas tayong lahat sa mapang-aliping kasalanan. Samakatuwid, munti kong mga anak, gamitin ng tama ang panahong ito at sa pamamagitan ng pakikipagkita sa Diyos sa pangungumpisal, iwanan ang kasalanan at pagpasyahan ang kabanalan. Gawin ito ng dahil sa pagmamahal kay Hesus na tumubos sa inyong lahat sa pamamagitan ng Kanyang Dugo, upang kayo ay maging masaya at mapayapa. Huwag ninyong kalilimutan, munti kong mga anak: ang inyong kalayaan ay siya ninyong kahinaan, samakatuwid ay sundin ang aking mga pahayag ng may kahalagahan. Salamat sa pagtugon ninyo sa aking panawagan.
February 9, 2007 , Last update January 12, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Medjugorje Pilgrimages, Music with pictures, Downloadable / Author: Steve
Medjugorje Miracles Grace Youtube

A video composed from Medjugorje photos by Marek Gayer from Pictures & Photos Gallery section of Medjugorje WebSite and soundtrack "Amazing House of Grace" by Higher Ground band.


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