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Medjugorje Website Updates by month Awwissu, 2008

Awwissu 2, 2008 /  Section: Our Lady of Medjugorje Messages - Category: Mirjana
Gheziez uliedi! Ghall-fatt li Jien qed nigi ghandkom hawn fostkom, il-kobor t' Alla qed jigi rifless u t-triq lejn l-hena eterna ma' Alla qed tinfetah. Thossukomx dghajfa, wahedkom u abbandunati. Bil-fidi, it-talb u l-imhabba, itilghu l-gholja tas-salvazzjoni. Jalla l-quddiesa, l-oghla u l-aktar att qawwi ta' talb ghalikom, tkun ic-centru tal-hajja spiritwali taghkom. Emmnu u hobbu uliedi. Dawk li Ibni ghazel u sejjah jghinukom f' dan ukoll. Lilkom u b' mod specjali lilhom, naghti l-barka materna tieghi. Grazzi.
Il-Madonna bierket lil kull min kien prezenti u anke l-oggetti religjuzi li gabu bil-barka materna taghha.
Awwissu 2, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Paranormal phenomena / Author: Paranormal TV
Miracles Medjugorje Paranormal Tv

This video contains some photos of events, that seemingly have supernatural character. Further, Timothy Klauck, former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, speaks about his opinion on miraculous or supernatural happenings in Medjugorje. He also speaks about an incident with aircraft bombers, that he saw near Medjugorje. He became convinced that Medjugorje during the Bosnian war in ninetees became relatively untouched, because of divine intervention.

Awwissu 7, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Medjugorje Apparitions / Author: Vittorio, Bologna
Apparition Mirjana August 2008

An apparition of Our Lady for Mirjana, 2. August 2008

Awwissu 10, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Reflections
Suffering Timothy Deeter

The following homily was delivered Sunday, June 15, at St. James Church in Medjugorje by Fr. Timothy Deeter.

Last night, I finished another book for my spiritual reading. I’m constantly amazed at how God directs me to read spiritual works that have important lessons for my own life at the time I’m reading them. The book I just finished is entitled Testimony of Hope and it’s by Archbishop—later Cardinal—Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan. In 1975, only a few months after his appointment as archbishop of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), he was imprisoned by the Vietnamese government for 13 years. Then he was placed under house arrest for three more years, before finally being expelled from Vietnam. Archbishop Van Thuan went to Rome to work in the Vatican, and in the Jubilee Year 2000, Pope John Paul II asked him to preach the annual Lenten retreat for himself and the heads of various Vatican departments. The retreat was so successful that the Pope asked the Archbishop to publish the text of his reflections.

Awwissu 10, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Visionaries, Testimonies
Vicka Testimony 2008

Testimony of Vicka in Medjugorje

Awwissu 16, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Visionaries, Jakov Colo
Jakov Talks Pilgrims

Jakov is going to share with us the most important that is about our Lady’s apparitions: And what is the most important, the messages on which Our Lady is calling us here? Apparitions are continuing, are lasting already nearly 25 years. Many people have come here to Medjugorje, they ask themselves, why apparitions are lasting so long ? Why Our Lady has been giving us so many messages? Many people say the messages are many times the same. I always say to everybody, instead of why, we should say thank you. Thanks to God for graces which he gave to us. Thanks to God because he allows Our Lady to be here for 25 years.

Awwissu 16, 2008 , Originally published Frar 16, 2004 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Testimonies
Donald Calloway Book Mary

"In 1992 my life changed dramatically," says Father Donald Calloway. "I had a profound conversion experience after reaching rock bottom."

Rock bottom indeed! Now a 31-year-old priest who serves as assistant rector at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Father Calloway had been a runaway youngster who was immersed in everything from drug abuse to theft.

Awwissu 16, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Testimonies, Interviews
Donald Callaway

Note: The book that Don Calloway speaks about is: "The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje", about the apparition site Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, by Father Joseph A. Pelletier

Awwissu 24, 2008 , Originally published Frar 26, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Other / Author: Don Sebastian
People Solar Image Mary Lose Sight

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: At least 50 people in Kottayam district have reportedly lost their vision after gazing at the sun looking for an image of Virgin Mary.

Though alarmed health authorities have installed a signboard to counter the rumour that a solar image of Virgin Mary appeared to the believers, curious onlookers, including foreign travellers, have been thronging the venue of the ‘miracle’.

Awwissu 24, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Medjugorje News, Festival Mladifest
Other languages: English, Čeština, Deutsch, Hrvatski, Italiano
Medjugorje Mladifest Festival 2008

From August 1 to 6 took place in Medjugorje the 19th International Youth Prayer Meeting under the title, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8).

The program began on Friday, August 1st at 6 PM with the prayer of the Rosary in different languages. Fr. Petar Vlasic, the Pastor, opened the Festival with an introductory word, after which young people from 60 countries welcomed their compatriots to Medjugorje in their own languages. Holy Mass was presided by Fr. Ivan Sesar, the Franciscan Provincial of Herzegovina, in concelebration with more then 300 priests.

Awwissu 24, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Spirituality, Charity
Mother Theresa

Externally you see just bread, but it is Jesus, externally you see just the poor person, but it is Jesus, difficult to explain it is a mystery of love. It is one of thinks that human mind cannot reach, but you have to bend, it is him we receive and . Our Love of christ is in action is serve him and poor.

Awwissu 25, 2008 /  Section: Our Lady of Medjugorje Messages - Category: Monthly Messages
Gheziez uliedi! Anke llum insejhilkom ghall-konverzjoni personali.Kunu intom dawk li jikkonvertu, u bil-hajja taghkom, tkunu xhieda, hobbu, ahfru u gibu l-ferh ta' l-Irxoxt f' din id-dinja fejn Ibni miet u fejn in-nies ma jhossux il-htiega li jfittxuh u li jiskopruH f' hajjithom. Intom tadurawH, u jalla t-tama taghkom tkun tama ghal dawk il-qlub li m' ghandhomx 'l Gesu'. Grazzi talli smajtu s-sejha tieghi!
Awwissu 30, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Paddy Kelly, Paddy Kelly, Song lyrics included
John Paul Mary at Medjugorje
Awwissu 30, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Paddy Kelly, Testimonies, Festival Mladifest
John Paul Mary at Medjugorje

Brother John Paul Mary (Paddy Kelly) member of the famous Irish music group The Kelly Family was on Monday, August 4 in Medjugorje for the first time on the Mladifest (Festival of Youth in Medjugorje) since its entering the monastery of the community of the Saint John in France as a monk. He was standing there before a large crowd telling about his life with God.

Awwissu 30, 2008 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Paddy Kelly, Song lyrics included / Author: Zimra
John Paul Mary performing at Medjugorje
Awwissu 2, 2008 , Last update April 11, 2010 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Spirituality
Donna Corri Gibson Divine Mercy Chaplet

Donna Cori Gibson sings Divine Mercy Chaplet.


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