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Video Gospa Majka Moja song by Johannes Mikl

Dr. Johannes Mikl, the author of the song „Gospa, majka moja“ was in Medjugorje

Dr. Johannes Mikl, doctor, cardiologist from Austria, author of the song “Gospa, majka moja” that is very often sung in Medjugorje parish church, was recently in Medjugorje. In the interview for radio station “Mir” Medjugorje, dr. Mikl said how he heard about Medjugorje in 1983, and soon afterwards came to this pilgrimage place with two of his friends. “Medjugorje means a lot to me, I need to come here at least once a year so I would find strength in my faith, and feel love of Jesus and Mary. This is where I purify my heart, where I make a new start in my life. Always, upon my coming back home, I feel as I have received strength from Jesus and Mary, says dr. Johannes Mikl, who brings his experience of Medjugorje to everybody whom he meets, either in sickness or in health. As we mention how he wrote song “Gospa, majka moja”, he just modestly says that that is fruit of Our Lady’s messages, and actually is Our Lady’s gift to him, to parish and to the world.



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