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By bicycle to Medjugorje from Czech Republic

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Patrik Rezac and Jozef Fiala decided to come by bicycle from Czech Republic, and they cycled for more than 9 days to finalise the journey of 1200 km. “We travelled through Slovakia, then Austria and there we received blessing from priest for those who are travelling. We continued our journey towards the Shrine of Marija Bistrica, and at the end came to Medjugorje.

When we arrived, we first prayed at Our Lady Statue in front of the church and participated in evening prayer programme.” Jozef added that his greatest joy would be to confess in Medjugorje and cleanse his heart completely. His friends who came one year for the Youth Festival told him about Medjugorje. All of these pilgrims said that for them, Medjugorje is the place of peace and place where they can surrender their suffering to Our Lady.



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