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Video [ENG, ITA, DEU, FRA, POR] The Faith of Claudia Koll

English - The Faith of Claudia Koll

Famous Italian actress Claudia Koll, who made her cinematic debut in Tinto Brass' movie "Cosí fan tutte" in 1992, tells the story of her conversion to the Christian faith.

"Until recently I thought I was a woman who loved and loved a lot, a passionate woman who consumed stories because in reality they were never enough."

"I had to go through love experiences to understand the difference."

"When you least deserve it, the Lord enters into your life and rebuilds you with his grace, he places you on your feet and gives a new life. This is profoundly touching. Love given freely is touching."

This love, she explains, changed more than just her personal life:

"It changed my professional life because I have grown as a human being. My encounter with God has made me grow as a person."

"I understood that the love I had always searched for along the wrong roads was in fact the love that I desired in my heart because it is the love that every heart desires the presence of God."

"So I began to savor life and to understand that the Lord encouraged me to live and to live without fear because he was at my side."

Currently Koll continues working in theatre, cinema and television, however from a new perspective that seeks the artistic value of the human person's work and dignity.

With the Association of the Works of the Father, she participates in the apostolate of Africa volunteering in favor of children who suffer from cancer and other forms of evangelization.

She is a teacher at the Star Rose Academy, a new organization in Rome dedicated to the professional artistic education of young talents.

The soundtrack "No Puedo" won the 61 ° International Festival of Salerno. Interpreted by Maximo de Marco



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