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Medjugorje sites in Italian language

Medjugorje Ch ^

Languages: English , Italian

This Foundation’s aim is to raise funds to finance projects in favour of children and young people in developing and non-developing countries with pressing needs for their children. It is especially involved in the care of orphans and/or abandoned children; it also provides them with a home, nutrition and spiritual assistance, as well as schooling and professional formation, thus permitting them to earn a living in sectors relative to the needs and resources of their own country. Medjugorje for Children has financed numerous projects in India, Brazil, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Poland, Madagascar, Mozambique, Chad, Guatemala, Kosovo, Ukraine, Russia, Iraq and Cambodia. "Germogli" ("Shoots"), published every four months, describes its work and projects. It also gives ample space to all children and young people in general who wish their thoughts, comments, experiences and articles related to their own world to be divulged.
Medjugorje Altervista Org ^

Languages: Italian

A Medjugorje website contributing namely by dozens of Medjugorje and catholic documents in Italian language. There is also list of prayer groups and pilgrimage offices in Italy. A must see website for those who speak Italian language. ^

Languages: German , English , Spanish , French , Croatian , Italian , Dutch , Polish

Mary's Meals is a campaign set up by Scottish International Relief aimed at providing the world's 300 million chronically hungry children with an escape from poverty. ^

Languages: Bulgarian , German , English , Spanish , French , Croatian , Italian , Latvian , Dutch , Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Slovak , Slovenian , Vietnamese

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Multilingual website about Virgin Mary apparitions in Medjugorje - articles, messages from Our Lady, news, videos, novena, pictures and photo gallery, secrets, reflections, spiritual life, visionaries and links.
Medjugorje Hr ^

Languages: German , English , Spanish , French , Croatian , Italian , Polish

The official website of Medjugorje parish. Contains many documents and photos. ^

Languages: German , English , Croatian , Italian

“The Mother's Village” is an institution for both preschool education and the upbringing and social care for children and youth. It belongs to the Community of the Herzegovinian Franciscans of the Province of the “Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary” in Mostar, BiH. It was founded in 1993, during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The building and operating was started by Father Slavko Barbarić and the project was aided by the Franciscan School Sisters of “The Holy Family” from the Herzegovinian Province. The Mother’s Village evolved out of the need for protection and care for the children who were wounded by the loss of their homes and parental care during and after the war. It started working officially on September 8, 1996.

The Mother’s Village was built and maintained by pilgrims and donors from all over the world.

The official Medjugorje website for Czech and Slovak republic ^ - Italian


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