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Interview with Vicka Ivankovic - "Pray for the Youth!"

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Interview by Marijan Sivric

The visionary Vicka Ivankovic, is a special attraction for the pilgrims. Everyone wishes to greet her and ask something of Our Lady through her. While she was passing, we stopped her and asked her how she felt on the "Peace walk", in which she was participating.

Vicka Ivankovic: "Oh, you can;t describe it with words. It really is majestic to walk behind Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and pray the rosary and sing."

Marijan Sivri: And how do you feel after fifteen years of Our Lady's apparitions?

V. I.: "Super. Just the same as I felt on the first day. Our Lady recommends that we pray for the youth, for families and for peace. She says that the youth of today are in a very difficult situation, and that we should pray in a special way for them. And she urges us to pray for a particular plan of hers which isn't yet realised."

M. S.:What plan is that?

V. I.: "She still hasn't said. We will see".

M. S.: You still havn't received the tenth secret?

V. I.: "That's right. For the moment I have nine".

M. S.: When do you expect the tenth?

V. I.: "Our Lady hasn't said anything about it. I'm waiting".

M. S.: So you still have daily apparitions?

V. I.:" Yes, Our Lady appears to me every day, sometimes on the hill, sometimes in the Church,and sometimes at home. It depends on wherever I am".

M. S.: What sort of prayers do the pilgrims most often pray?

V. I.:"People mostly pray for their own needs, and I try to persuade them to pray for Our Lady's intentions too, to pray the rosary for peace".

M. S.: How and in what way have Our Lady's messages been accepted?

V. I.:"Our Lady told me that she still had many messages for us, but we cannot be ready for them if we havn't even accepted the ones which have already been given, at least not in the way she would like.

M. S.: What would Our Lady like?

V. I.:"She would like us to accept the message with our hearts and to live them. Often we accept the message, we begin to live it, but then we get tired and we remain the way we were before. And Our Lady would like that everyday we live her messages a little bit and that we would make progress in our lives."

M. S.: Is that why she has stayed so long in Medjugorje?

V. I.:"I don't know. A long time ago we asked her how long she was going to appear for, and she replied, "Why, are you tired of me already?"After that we never asked her again!"



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