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A Ticket for Heaven!

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Most people are afraid when they think about their own death, or the death of those who are close to them. In reality, the Gospa tells us, "Death does not exist"! It is simply a veil that falls, like the curtain of the temple of Jerusalem that was torn in the middle, revealing what was already there, hidden in the invisible, the Holy of Holies!

A picture came to my mind that is inadequate, as is any comparison to this: There are windows with panes that allow us to see from inside what is going on outside, but that prevent people on the outside from seeing inside. But let's suppose that the glazier makes a mistake, and installs the panes of glass in such a way that those on the inside cannot see outside! This is what happens to us! Here on earth we are like the people who don’t see those who see them! This is where the tragedy of unbelief begins, because there is just one small step between not 'seeing' someone, and being totally unaware of his existence. "Dear children," the Gospa tells us, "you are unaware." During his mission to Dublin, the seer, Ivan, said to the crowd, "If you could see the Gospa for only one second, all the things of this earth would immediately lose their attraction in your eyes."

The saints conquered this lack of clarity and lived as if they could see the invisible. This allowed them to embrace invisible realities without fearing the day when the pane of glass would break, when the veil would fall. The Heavenly Court was already familiar to them, and they viewed the passage through the valley of death as a long awaited kiss that would bring them forever into the company of the elect after their exile.

Earth is a time of desire; Heaven is possession for eternity. Here on earth, if I do not desire Heaven, I am a dying person who can still be revived. If I focus my capacity for desire on the material world, then I am a dead man and am terrified of the hour of my death, when I will lose all my false treasures. Being less attached to material things will certainly cause us to 'contemplate eternal life with joy.'

Marija has already been given some knowledge about this subject. The Gospa explained to her that, in Heaven each one of the elect knows exactly what others have done for them, and how, by their prayers, sacrifices and offerings, they took part in increasing the degree of their eternal glory. Sometimes, the elect realize that the prayers of so-and-so were the reason that they were not lost! In Heaven, each one of us will be eternally grateful to each one of these people, and we will have a very special bond of love with them. This reality is marvelous and encouraging, especially when on the earth we do not yet see the fruits of our sacrifices and prayers for those we love. Here, the Gospa gives us the hope that can heal us of our discouragement! She helps us invest in real values!



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