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Lavinia Tai thoughts about priests

"A vocation higher than angels"

When I was only nine years old, I used to go around telling everyone that I wanted to be a priest. At that time I wasn't even baptized yet (I was baptized at the age of eleven) but even then I had already fallen in love with Jesus. I used to go to the bookshop near my school to buy pictures of Jesus and I used to look at these pictures and talked to Jesus for ages. It never occurred to me then that there are no women Catholic Priests!

Unlike children of my age, I wasn't crazy of my favourite artistes. The people I adore and respect are neither artistes nor politicians but our unsung heroes - our priests. Why do I choose these unnoticed heroes to be my heroes? Because they do not live for themselves but for us. Because they live to serve us. I just couldn't think of any other nobler vocation than that.

We all want to make lots of money, to get married and have children, to enjoy ourselves and live a comfortable life. What is so unique about our priests is - they are NOT one of us. They do not preach to make money for themselves, their wife and children. In actual fact, they are paid very little for their noble vocation. Instead of busy making money for themselves, their wife and children, our priests give themselves entirely to God and to men. Whatever they do, they do it for our church, for us. They live the life of Christ and travel the path that he had travelled. And these heroes certainly deserve all the praises on earth!



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