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Medjugorje Blue Book

Abandon Yourselves Totally to Me

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Content of the article
  1. The main message is this : the presence of Our Lady
  2. The family must pray together and read the Bible
  3. To fast means to open up to the Lord
  4. When you are humble, when you pray fervently and when you love, satan cannot even draw close
  5. This is the time of decision
  6. I am with you and I am your Mother
  7. 'Today is the Feast of the Mother of goodness, love and mercy', and She gave us her blessing.
  8. 'Pray so that all the trials which come from satan might result in the glory of God'
  9. We must enter into our prayer before we begin to pray
  10. 'But why do you pray ? To be with God, to feel God inside yourselves'
  11. 'I am beautiful because I love. If you want to be beautiful, love'
  12. 'Be reconciled with Our Lord'
  13. "In our daily lives, we must find the Word of God which saves us in a real way"
  14. I say to you: love
  15. Pray with your Hearts
  16. "In our daily lives, we must find the Word of God which saves us in a real way"
  17. "I knock, but there are so many hearts that still do not open to Me"
  18. You must die in order to be resurrected
  19. 'I invite you to the light you must bring to all those who are in darkness' Lent messages
  20. Our Lady has taught us to take three steps forward in group prayer.
  21. Many stop at Easter and do not live the Resurrection
  22. The first thing to understand is the Will of God, even in suffering
  23. The apparitions are a stage in the spiritual life of the Church
  24. "Pray that hearts gripped by sin may open. I wish for this. God wishes it through me."
  25. When we say "pray" to the people, many do not know what it means
  26. Pray to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment
  27. "You ask me to stay with you always, not to leave you, but now I ask you not to leave me"
  28. In every prayer, we must express our inner life
  29. "I invite you to a more active prayer, and to participate in the Holy Mass. I would like every Mass to become an experience of God for you."
  30. The last daily meeting between Ivanka and Our Lady (7th May 1985)
  31. There is a fundamental error: to ask for things instead of seeking God.

This book is the second of the four volumes of sermons and discourses given by Fr. Slavko Barbaric and Fr. Tomislav Vlasic during 1984 - 1987 in Medjugorje, and contains discourses given from January to June 1985.

30 Chapters of this book are now completed

"In our daily lives, we must find the Word of God which saves us in a real way"

In order to follow the path of prayer in these two festivities which we have celebrated (St. Joseph and the Annunciation), Our Lady stresses the importance of two main points, to the prayer group : prayer in the morning and again in the evening.

Through morning prayer we enter the day and we all have experienced the fact that when we do not start by praying , by a morning meeting with God, we cannot truly live the day; it just slips by and we often live without God even if we are Catholics. It is very important to meet God in the morning. It is also useful to meet God in the evening: as we know that the evening is the preparation for the morning. A wonderful example of this was St. Joseph to whom God spoke in his dreams: he was God’s representative to protect the Holy Family and he was in God. That is why God could speak to him even in dreams.

To people who watch television, television speaks in their dreams. To people who worry about material things, worries speak in their dreams. But those who enter sleep with God live with God even in dreams.

Yesterday’s festivity was just one particular morning; every morning we must awake as the Blessed Virgin was awakened by the Angel ! Just as a flower does, She opened Herself to him and said: “Your will be done !” What we must do is to go on living every day like yesterday. In order to live it, however, we must look for God’s Word in our daily life. Our Lady is said to be everywhere. It is true. But when She appears in a particular place it is a particular gift from God that we must receive.

The same is true for me: if I want to live the reality of salvation, every day, I must look for and receive the Word of salvation that saves me; if I am upset, I must find the Word that brings me peace; if I am ill I must seek the Word that relieves my illness, gives me peace, safety.

In this way, we see that in every day life, we must find God’s Word that saves us in a practical way. If we go on practically every day, what we were told yesterday and the day before about living a deep confession, living it like a daily meeting with God, renewing it, then we will progress.

Our Lady’s divine messages can never be stopped by anybody. They can only spread.

Now it is my wish that, what we have been celebrating and what is written in the Gospel, what happened to the Blessed Virgin, may also happen to us every day; that even impossible things may become possible.

You will then discover that even the mountains can be moved, even death, when impossible things become possible.

But try to do it practically. When you feel surrounded by impossible problems, by troubles, meetings with God must always bring fruits of great joy, security and peace.

(Fr. Tomislav Vlasic, 26th March 1985)



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