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Full text search for Medjugorje Messages

In this short article, we outline some of the possible features when using fulltext search for Medjugorje Messages in Medjugorje website.

Full text search is a useful feature that this website offers for working with Medjugorje messages that can be useful in several ways. We will describe some of the typical cases.

Recalling a message by parts of message

Firstly, a situation can occur when we suddenly, remind a part of a message. But we cannot remember either whole message or we do not remember exact content of the message. Rather then reading the messages from beginning until we can find them, we can just let it search on the website

Example: We remember that there is a message, which was interesting and full of beauty, and we would like to read and enjoy it again, but we can only remember that there were for sure words: Beautiful, Flower and Paradise. So that, we can enter these words, separated by space - Beautiful Flower Paradise - in the Search Messages box in the left navigation bar and press Find button. This box can be found on each page of this website (with exception of introductory page). In a second, we will find the message.

Displaying messages based by topics

We are concerned about some topic and we would like to read all messages about them.

Example: We would like to display all messages about the God Creator. So that, we will enter in the box Search Messages these two words and we will immediately get all the corresponding messages .

If we would like to display all messages which speak about families, we can either enter words families and family (separated by space) or we use asterisk for finding all words - we enter famil* in the Search Messages box. Another examples: lov*, pray*.

Determining most important and often repeated appeals in messages

We can be concerned about what are the most important parts of the messages, which outlines and urge frequently, or we want verify, whether what would various other people say about importance in messages can be somehow proved. Although, statistical count of messages with contained words should not be the only one factor when seriously answering such questions, it is definitely an important factor.

Another factors, which can be taken into account and that could slightly influence result of searching important parts, is for example, whether the person is a catholic or perhaps a priest (or we simply want to find important parts for a general person), lives in Medjugorje or not, is a member of a prayer group, context of whole messages and date, when the messages were given, what would all visionaries together declare to be most important etc.

In message of February 25, 1996 we can find, that the most important given message is invitation to conversion, although there are much more often words based on pray etyma. Though conversion includes, summarizes or is relevant to some another appeals, we should still be careful on applying only statistical analysis of word occurences in messages when searching for importance of appeals in messages.

However, it is possible to get an approximate and general view of the importance and appeals using this feature quickly. It can be also useful, such a helping tool when searching answers for such questions. You can also use Medjugorje Messages Keywords, Medjugorje Messages Toplist and Medjugorje Messages Concordance pages for that purpose.

More features

There is also available Enhanced Search and Help (which is a page with further possibilities and examples, which can be accessed by the Enhanced search link in Search Messages box.

In this page we can focus only to selected dates (we can for example search for messages for word peace in years greater then 2000), set number of found messages per page and turn off highlighting of found words and phrases.



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