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Medjugorje Music

Languages: English, Italiano
14. Oktober 2006 /  Category: Anderes[EN], Music[EN], Free downloads[EN] / Author: Marek Gayer
Gospa Oratorio

As the webmaster of a Medjugorje website, I am always interested in other sites and pages related to and inspired by Medjugorje. When I browse through them, I notice that only a minor part of them is able to offer a really unique and attractive content. Pages of Gospa Oratorio fortunately belongs to this category - on their pages they publish something very rare and unique - a quality spiritual music album that was inspired by Medjugorje, that we can download and listen to freely in high-quality encoded mp3 files. One can also download a booklet with all the lyrics of the songs in English language. After downloading, the music can be burned to a CD, copy to a mp3 player or played directly from the computer


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