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Medjugorje Artikel & Aktualitäten von Monat Oktober, 2014

18. Oktober 2014 /  Category: Zeugnisses

By Emma Sisk

Packing my suitcase to go on holiday last week, I had an unusual checklist for a 24-year-old: no make-up, no bikini, and no going-out gear.

My 9.3kg suitcase contained clothes for seven days, a book I would not read, and my rosary beads. After nine hours of travelling, I arrived at a little village, in Bosnia Herzegovina,that has a seemingly unpronounceable name: Medjugorje, the religious-conversion capital of the world.

25. Oktober 2014 /  Category: Anderes[EN]
By John Gerardi

I had an interesting Thursday evening last week. I learned from a friend that Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti, one of the “seers” of the alleged Marian apparitions taking place regularly for the last 31 years in Medjugorje, was coming to the Joyce Center at Notre Dame (our roughly 10,000-seat basketball arena) to have a Marian apparition, and the public was invited to pray with her and watch the apparition happen. And guess who was called in to be the special investigative reporter for one of the student newspapers. Yessiree bob. Yours truly.


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